nissian patrol mq ute 84

mq 4 play king

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nissian patrol mq ute, 84

Good Points
never break down
turbo diesle heaps of power
great low range
real head turner

Bad Points
no lockers :(

What mods have you done?
4 inch spring lift 2 inch cab lift
33 x 12.5 mikey thompson baja claw
aftermarket garet turbo
new setup inside speakers uhf ect
no sway bars

What mods are on the list to do?
getin a winch comp tray snorkle and air lockers

Why did you buy this vehicle?
it was cheap only 180 000 on the clock work ute and a bit of fun on the weekends

How often do you go offroad?
2 times a week

What will your next vehicle be?
gu patrol ute