nissian patrol gq 1997


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nissian patrol gq, 1997

Good Points
its a nissan, big and roomy, coils all round,

Bad Points
its a 2.8 lacks a lil grunt but stilll has a plenty to have fun with

What mods have you done?
its got spotties and a warn frount mounted whinch.

What mods are on the list to do?
lift kit. (tossin up between 2,3,4inch)
33's muddies.
frount and rear air lockers

Why did you buy this vehicle?
wanted someting tough reliable to tow my drift car and have fun off road.

How often do you go offroad?
bout once a week

What will your next vehicle be?
patrol for sure


sil80. They are a little lacking in grunt but hey, I have a non turbo diesel Hilux so your still better off than me. Didn't buy it for drag racing.


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lowlux yer i no its better then nothing its just i have a couple of mates with 4.2ltrs so after being in theirs an drivin mine its just lacks a lil..

i just had to find a bad point about the patrol and that was it.

the 2.8 still goes the same places as theirs so im over the moon with it..


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i carnt seem to upload photos
Hey sil80, if you make yr pix smaller they will go on. Or upload them from photobucket if you have an account (its free) 'coz p/bucket resizes automatically. If that dont work resave them into another folder and upload from there, that should work. GO THE NISSANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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