Nissan Patrol TI 4.2 Petrol/Gas 1991


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Nissan Patrol TI 4.2 Petrol/Gas, 1991

Good Points
Its a Patrol its all good lol

Bad Points
Still looking this may take a while

What mods have you done?
2in lift (EFS), Bull bar,Maxxis Big Horn M/T 33,12.1/2,15 road tyers

What mods are on the list to do?
The list is long but the pocket is short lol

Why did you buy this vehicle?
it was the family car now its my toy

How often do you go offroad?
I try for once a month but that hard to do some times

What will your next vehicle be?
GU maybe


Nice...Have you got any more pics of it? I have the same but the 1993 model. Dont bother looking for those bad points...there isnt any!


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Nice Truck, looks good in the dark.

Isn't it ironic how Landcruiser owners will always bag Patrols but never vice versa.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......................could be compensation for a bad decision?


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<sarcasm>I've never heard a patrol driver bag a landcruiser before</sarcasm>

They're both pretty capable beasts with some work? Although, the 70series cruisers come with the ball cooling aircon vent! Beat that nissan lol.

I am a fan of the older boxier shaped patrols, my granddad used to have a maverick back in the day (which is the same, right?) that was awesome. Some great trips up the gulf in it!!