Nissan Patrol SWB 1990


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Nissan Patrol SWB, 1990

Good Points
Reasonably comfortable, small car but still enough room for the kids in the back, plenty of after market parts avaliable, mod freindly, fit large tyre's easily. Factory dif locks :)

Bad Points
Hard to say has been off the road longer than on. Not due to nissan failure though, TH700 packed it in, and some other problems with mods done by others previously.

What mods have you done?
It has the Holden inj 5ltr/TH700, ive rebuilt the box with some mods, fitted a Quicksilver B&M shifter, got some cruiser offset chrome wheels with 35's, 1.5 inch wheel spacers, 4 inch fibreglass flare's, (not fitted yet)
2 inch body lift, 2inch suspension lift.
Made up some stronger rear trailing arms.

What mods are on the list to do?
Make bull bar, rock sliders, rear bar, reduction gears, Front diff lock.

Why did you buy this vehicle?
Hear good thing's on patrol driveline's. having owned rover's that tend to break things it looked like a good option. V8 conversion was done, like V8's.

How often do you go offroad?
Not enough

What will your next vehicle be?
This will be it for a fair while.



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Thanks guys, it worked pretty well, the first pic was when i had just bought it. Its just not clean at the moment, constantly raining here so hard to give it a wash. The mods and repairs have taken over for now.


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great looking truck mate :) It was a tossup between this model and the older MQ/MK for me, however I went with the topless older variety :)


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Small update, Ive made some front raduis arms. Not real sure on the clearence of the tie rod untill i try and fit them but thought i'd through up a pic anyways. And if not i'll just mod them.
If they fit will be sure to greatly improve front end flex.
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