Nissan Patrol GU IV 2005

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Thats the one, This one is the touring wagon and if I ever finish packing meant to leave for O'tools this afternoon. The other one (GQ) is purpose built for either ripping off Frosty's tyres or recovering Frosty :D:D


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Hey Yobbo, here are a few ideas for the sticker with the attach image :D


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Pure Yobbo

Well Mr Nissan shouted her a new dash last week after the original one was looking like a 13 year olds face and had developed pimples.

Even though it has always had a dash mat since we have had it didn't make a difference.

Words of wisdom use your best negoicating skills and you can get both the dash & the labour paid for by Nissan Aust.

Pure Yobbo

Well the GU decided it was time to get the Nissan Shudder at 70km/hr. This was quite interesting to fault find given a) I can't drive yet b) still struggling to move. Sent her down for a rotate & balance of the tyres that got rid of a little. Still got a shudder but only after you hit a bump. umm.... I was thinking sure as s**t king pin bearings are gone as the panard was only replaced about 50000km ago.

Nope - works out the top bolt holding the panard to the body had worked its way loose and the bush had been working it's way out of the panard. Scary stuff imagine if that had of fallen off........ Bush pressed back in lucky there was no damage to the bush and all locktited back in.

Got me stuffed how that worked loose this thing doesn't do a great deal of off road work (not lately) and I run a spanner over all those bits when i give her a service.

All fixed now.