Nissan Patrol GU IV 2005

Pure Yobbo

Nissan Patrol GU IV, 2005

Good Points
4.2 Intercooled Turbo Diesel. We like the big 6. Should be good for Touring. Tows the boat well.

Bad Points
You need to put a decent exhaust on and a good Dyno to get them to go.
Nissan should have done this from the factory.

What mods have you done?
3" Exhaust, Dyno Tune, Overhead Console, Duel Batteries, Turbo Timer, UHF, Lift, Panard Rods, Adjustable Drag Link, Sway Bar Links, Superior Trailing arms, Ipod Docking Station, Dummy rear lights illuminating, ARB Delux Bar, side steps & brush bars with fog lights. Reduction Gears to transfer. Mickey Thompson ATZ 33" on factory Alloy's

What mods are on the list to do?

Rear Bar either Kaymar or ARB, Winch 12000lb, Maybe a Front Locker

Why did you buy this vehicle?
Started a family so we sold our '04 GU Ute & all the parts swapped over onto this one.
The wagom is also better fpr touring

How often do you go offroad?
At least Monthly.

What will your next vehicle be?


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Pure Yobbo

The Lifted Pics.

Hi All,

After a few requests for Pic of it lifted here they are.

We are really happy with the ride now. And it has heaps more clearance. Zordo done a great job.



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Looking good!

Yobbo go the ARB rear bar, much smarter than the Kaymar, IMO.

Cheers Rossco

I'll have to get around putting mine on here, one day!


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MMMMM. we may have to head back there soon!! I can feel a contest coming on!!
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Pure Yobbo

Back onto the Dyno today for a Tune / tweak got 128hp with 33" wheels. Last time it went on it got 136hp with 31" so still a good result given it now has bigger shoes.

Strange enough when they dropped it on this time it was down to 108hp which means in a little over 12 months it had dropped out of tune - you could feel it had lost some power.

45% reduction gears were fitted a few weeks ago so she is all ready for the O'tooles trip next week :)


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That wasn't the 4by you had on the weekend. So you have this one for the family and the older Pootrol for mud runs and ripping off Frosty's tyres?