Nissan Patrol 4500 ST 1999

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Nissan Patrol 4500 ST, 1999

Good Points
Its better to drive then my old GQ

Bad Points

What mods have you done?
100mm lift Ride Pro Springs and Ride Pro Rox Shocks up front, 115mm lift Ride Pro springs and Ride Pro Rox Shocks in the rear, 180 Roo Lites , UHF, Dual Battery, 305/70 Dick Cepek tyres.

What mods are on the list to do?
Hopefully a winch on the front

Why did you buy this vehicle?
Its a Nissan

How often do you go offroad?
As often as i can get up the bush

What will your next vehicle be?
Another Nissan


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just the stuff that works....... nice

Frosty and me have started the official "TOYota recovery Vehicle" group...... so chuck it on yr signature somewhere and lets see if we can't make it contageous.