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Nissan Navara D40 limp mode fixes

Nissan Dane

New Member
been wanting to share a bit of my journey on what it took to finally fix the dreaded limp mode.
It was only happening sometimes when coming to a stop and never under power, didn't throw any engine lights and on cheap and expensive OB2 readers it was always 0093 error being the cause: major fuel leak pressure problem.

In no particular order, things got better and/or worse each time I tried something different:
Injector cleaner
Fuel filter
SCV x2, one turned out to be not denso or genuine
Multiple ecu resets
ABS module threw the same code, replaced second hand
Bolts loose on back of injector pump, small leak as a result,
Hose replacements
Electrical cleaner for all connections

I'm sure I've missed some, but a tip from local Nissan guru actually solved it. He said remove all LED'S, i pretty much laughed when he told me but I'd already taken out shit ones from previous owner, but 3 interior lights remained. I removed them and sure enough it went well for a week, then just once limp mode again, couldn't think of any other LEDs I'd missed, then it dawned on me. Spotties. I've disconnected them and haven't had a problem since. Unbelievable.


Well-Known Member
Glad you resolved it. Electrical issues are the hardest of all faults to diagnose and it really is just a matter of trial and error.
A common cause of the dreaded limp mode is a blown stop light fuse usually caused by an earth fault in the trailer plug. You have no idea of how many vehicles suffer this. Crap LEDs are another issue with modern vehicle electronics. If a vehicle doesn’t come with OEM LEDs then don’t fit cheap crap.
@Nissan Dane What brand were your LED spotties?
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Nissan Dane

New Member
Good old adventure kings. I did get rid of their wiring harness and put a better one in. Pretty much removed all of the wiring they had done previously i.e. light bars, dual batteries etc. Pity I actually didn't mind the output they had for what I needed. Are you saying LEDs can still be put in just a higher quality?

red hilux

Well-Known Member
Great work.

a mate of mine works in a gear box shop. A client brought in a their car as it wasn’t running right. They spent days driving it, trying to figure out the fault. As they were driving it all the time. They decided to fix the blown brake light globe
Gear box issues went away
i can’t remember what cat he said it was


Well-Known Member
I thought I had jumped onto a LR forum for a moment, the same issues but very good easy to fix once you know where to look. All new car suffer the same issues when it comes electrics