Nissan Navara D22 Snorkel


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Hey All,

Could anyone who knows tell me whether or not the air pre cleaner gets removed when fitting the 'Genuine' Nissan Snorkel - I know it does for the Safari Snorkel, but interested to know if the 'Genuine' snorkel does the same thing.

Why? Well, I want the extra real estate under the bonnet as well as adding a snorkel, but aftermarket brands seem to be much more expensive than the Nissan 'genuine' snorkel kit. With the pre cleaner gone, it makes plenty of room to fit my compressor without taking up the space for a dual battery in future upgrades...

Thanks : )


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I've got a "genuine" Nissan snorkel on my D22-2008. Appears the pre cleaner and intakes are still standard. only change was form outer gaurds to snorkel. Restricts room for extra battery in large size-N70 100hr battery, I had to fit smaller battery in the space provided.