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Nissan Mistral Auto 1996

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Chris Boyce, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Chris Boyce

    Chris Boyce New Member

    Kia Ora, I am Chris, a newby and would like to get some information from the experience of others. I have been a self employed Auto Restorer for the last forty years.
    I have purchased a Nissan Mistral 1996 R20 auto transmission, the main purpose of its use will be to knock a bush track uphill approximately 200 meters to a building site approximately 500 metres from the road through thirty year old regrowth of manuka and ginger plant.
    I have mounted a 5000 lb electric winch to assist and thought a set of chains on the front wheels would help, I don't want to change tyres to muddies as normally I will be driving 450 kms there to work for a short time and then back home.

    I pressing matter first, after reading on this model I have found there is a usual problems with rust around the rear seat belt mounts, any pictures or information regarding repairs would help. I have a water leak on the LH side front floor, is there a usual place to start looking for the ingress, I have checked the plenum panel and found water leaking around the sealing washers holding the fan and rust proofed with Lanoguard to seal further.
  2. mikehzz

    mikehzz Well-Known Member

    I have no info, but I think you are referring to a Nissan Terrano? I had no idea what a Mistral was. There weren't many Terrano's sold in Australia going by the number we see on the roads here, and I recall they only came in manuals, no autos. One of the joys of driving around Kiwiland is encountering old car models we've never seen before. Good luck with your search. :)
  3. Hoyks

    Hoyks Well-Known Member

    From what I recall the Mistral was the Terrano II in the UK.

    I had a manual 2.7 diesel T2 and couldn't kill it with a stick, ran all terrain tyres and it went well. For scrub bashing, see how it goes, but you might be better off finding someone with a tractor for the initial assault.

    I sold mine back in 2010, so going off a fading memory, the seat anchor rust issue was with the double skin on the under side of the rear seat belt anchor points. Water would get trapped in there and rust them out. They did some changes early and it stopped being an issue, mine was a '98 build and had the slightly different floor design, but I don't know when it changed.

    Mine too had water in the passenger foot well, but that was down to wasps blocking the air con drain. I cleaned the mud plug out of the drain pipe and it dried out, not before the bolts that held the foot rest plate under the carpet rusted up though.
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  4. 2002GU3

    2002GU3 Well-Known Member

    G'day Chris, welcome to earth mate.
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  5. Chris Boyce

    Chris Boyce New Member

    Thanks for reply, I found the water leak was due to the sun roof over flow hose which are located each side of the front of the sun roof and is routed down the front pillar cavity. I removed the sunvisor, pillar plastic and hand grip and was able to ease the headlining down enough to access the hose which had parted company with the plastic gutter. No amount of Lanogard rust proofer was going to seal that leak. THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION.
  6. Chris Boyce

    Chris Boyce New Member

    They were Terrano II in Auzzy and marketed as a Mistral in Europe and Asia mine was assembled in Brazil as is printed on the wiring loom dated 1995. another small problem I have found is the switches for the windows and interior light door switches had failed, i striped them appart and found the active surfaces had burn marks and prevented a good contact, a light rub with 600 grit and a light oil and they all worked 100% I noted the widow switches can be resurrected twice by swapping the rocking connector end for end too make a good connection.

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