Nissan GQ Patrol 1993 4.2TDI


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Nissan GQ Patrol, 1993

Good Points
Big..., Tuff, Its a Patrol, live axle and coil all round.... lots of room

Bad Points
When , stock standard... bit of a slug... td42 non turbo auto...

What mods have you done?
Twin arb lockers,4:6 ratios, 6"lift, 35"MTRs Goodyear.. longrange tank, ARB protection, b ull bar, side steps and rails, kaymar rear bar, and swingers.... uhf, snorkel, arb roof rack, high flow turbo kit plus intercooler, winch, rollerdraws,

What mods are on the list to do?
Transfer gears

Why did you buy this vehicle?
more room and stronger than my last...

How often do you go offroad?
once every too weeks

What will your next vehicle be?


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If your ever thinkin of selling your GQ, pm me please caus this is exactly what im looking for at the moment!

Ol Smokey

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You just beat the six lift lift for flexin, I've got a dodinson setup in mine.

I've only lefted a rear whell once and that hole, well there was a echeo when you yelled down it.

Tuff truck, keep it straight


1 red gu

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nice looking rig mate:D
i think iv seen it on the road befor you dont live to far away from me
keep a look out on the nsw trip page and join in on some runs


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thanx all

yeah mate live Bargo way.. needs a little TLC, no time , kids and a house make it hard look forward to meeting soon.