Nissan GQ Patrol 1989

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Nissan GQ Patrol, 1989

Good Points
It's a 4.2 Diesel and It's unbreakable! Parts are cheap! It takes a bashing everywhere we go and it always seems to amaze me of it's capabilities!

Bad Points
The only bad point I can mention is that is needs a fresh paint job! Oh yeah and the cost of Diesel, but that's all round the board, I'd be spewin' if I had a petrol!

What mods have you done?
Modified Bull bar, 3 inch spring lift, 2 inch body lift, 36 inch Simex Centerpeds, Aux Tank, Rear Light, Full length roof rack, IPF Driving Lights (My Mates), UHF (Icom) T-Max Winch.

What mods are on the list to do?
Currently working on dual battery system, High mount winch, compressor, drawer system, change diff ratio and turbo eventually!

Why did you buy this vehicle?
It's Unbreakable, and needed a work car too!

How often do you go offroad?
maybe once a month! but not offen enough!

What will your next vehicle be?


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Welcome aboard G P. That's a tough looking rig. Looks like some good tracks too. Where were the photos taken?



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Thanx Goldrush! Photos were taken in Rubicon (near lake eildon) Anzac day weekend. Some really good hardcore tracks through Rubicon State Forest, plenty to see (Whiskey's Hut, old boiler, tressel bridge, etc). Even snowed for the kids to see!


Hi G P,

Nice truck. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Are there any easy tracks in Rubicon?



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yeah there is, but I have to pull out my map and find them! next time I go I'll msg you! we can winch ya up! or skull drag ya through! lol! Lots of great camping spots too! I rebuilt the village with my other halfs uncle! I know the place well!

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Thanx Miss Rodeo! It is a top year! although my afl team (Geelong) lost to Hawthorn in the 89 grand final! it is still the best grand final in history! It's still a working progress, need more cash to do more work! Wow I actually can't believe a intelligent girl is into four wheel driving! I think that is great! it's nice to share a womans opinion and enjoy the great outdoors with one too! I really enjoy chatting with you Miss Rodeo


GP. I thought You were a reasonably intelligent bloke until you said you were a Geelong supporter. LOL


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LOL! Thanx mate! I'm proud to see at least one grand final won! its ok i'm not a collingwood supporter, then I'd let you hate me!

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