Nissan GQ Patrol 1989


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Nissan GQ Patrol, 1989

Good Points
coils all around
square boxy shape, makes it look tough
came from the factory with a rear locker and rear stabiliser release,
one of the strongest drivelines of any 4wd,
easy to repair, modify, and personalise
spare parts are easy to get your hands on

Bad Points
its a V8 diesel powered patrol, there arent any!!!

What mods have you done?
6.2 litre V8 chev diesel (brunswick install),
2" tough dog lift,
warn tob mount winch in factory arb bar,
long range tank,
custom rock sliders,
safari snorkel,
uhf in overhead console,
lightforce HIDs, another set of hella spotties, rear work light, etc etc

What mods are on the list to do?
upgrade brakes to a 2 piston set up,
custom rear bar with wheel carrier and water/fuel can carrier,
cargo barrier and drawers

Why did you buy this vehicle?
because i wanted it when i saw it

How often do you go offroad?
at least once a week, even if for only a few mins

What will your next vehicle be?
im not selling this one


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I can't believe I missed this page.

STETS, We need all the facts, costs, numbers and details on the V8 TD transplant. :D

I'm excited! :cool::cool:


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Hey Stets!

I think I met you on the beach near Geraldton - on a run up towards Coronation beach.
Me and my mate were in GQ's.
You helped us through some of the soft sand there with some tyre deflator gadgets - was that you???



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hey ben, yeah it was i, im not up there anymore though, im just north of gingin now, some pretty damn hard life changing events have occured. but hell its a small world i might see ya again one day