Newspaper rolls for camp fire


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With the intention of mulching our garden, my wife and I have collected a rather large amount of newspapers.

I was wondering if there is an ecological/moral/ethical/logical arguement against using these as a camp fire fuel(for heat and light, not cooking).

I have seen 'Newspaperroll" advertised as burning logs but am unsure if these are 'proccessed' to burn well or just a great marketing tool.

We are about to head up to 'Middle Earth' and would rather not have to carry a quarter trailer of wood in order to keep warm when a couple boxes of 'paperroll' would do the job.

PLEASE let us know your thoughts

Clough, Debby, Marney, Saxon.


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I had something years ago that made brick shaped paper. From memory it used heaps of water and chucked it out


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I would assume there will be a communal fire.

I think that was why Yobbo and Frosty were going up early to get together some wood for the fires and the camp cooking.

We used to have a commercial product similiar to your description but it was removed at the behest of the constabulary as it appeared they were very good at starting fires that required their arson squad boys and girls to attend the resulting fires.

It is a real bugger too as they burnt really hot and got over the wet wood problem associated with bush camping.

feral fourbee

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yeah they need to be be pressed into a log / brick as knackers mentioned.....
they suppsoed to of worked well...
think you can buy something simualar from woolys these days but a bit dear......


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After a few trial runs I've worked out that it gets hot as hell, quick and easy to build a hot fire, but produces (logically) more flying ash than a timber fire unless the paper is rolled very tightly.


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use to be a device that you could buy that did it, it was even log shape. You had to wet it until the paper was ready to fall apart and you put it into a tube and start the compression.

Here one example Logmaker