News.. Kimbereleys being mined and nuclear waste dump for Flinders Ranges!!


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Dampier Peninsula some 60km west of Derby Point a Mineral sands mine at least 1km deep will be started 2017.
And on Bandioota Station in Flinders Ranges maybe a Nuclear Waste Dump. On radio today it was announced that Liberal man apparently has a share in the land.


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No worries should be right, they've got a big weatherproof shed to store the stuff in.
Hi muffin man ,I thought a video on subject, but great stuff, as I have been told I look like Frank Zappa. Got a couple of his records stashed some where , life goes to quick, used to love cranking up the stereo, but now deaf ha ha ha


There are so many vast, remote area's an N - W dump could be situated that would have no effect on anyone, why the hell would they choose the Flinders Ranges as the bloody location, oh thats right, a polly has a vested interest in it, typical. :rolleyes:


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Doesn't matter where the proposed site is, some people will oppose it. Muckaty Station in the Territory ( near Tennant creek ) is a proposed site for waste from Lucas Heights, and is about as far away from human habitation as is possible.....some locals approve, some oppose. Gotta be stored somewhere 'eh ? But we are all susceptible to the NIMBY syndrome ( not in my back yard ). Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Hawker site is for low to medium level waste that is a by product of medical procedures ? Not fuel rods from Chernobyl or Fukushima ? Its stuff that we ( Australia ) has produced and we must store it safely and securely somewhere........


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Gotta be better than where they are storing it now but you don't worry about it because you don't know where it is. I don't think either side of politics would give a stuff what the political persuasion of the landowner is, so long as they can get a solution. Labour tried to do it but they didn't have the balls to make a decision because of the carry on like is going on here. If you are all so against radioactive waste then refuse to have any medical treatment that involves it. Oh, and lead line your house while your at it because you will get more radiation going outside than what you would get standing next to the shed it's stored in.



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Read that landholders get at least four times it's value. So what would be 100 hectares in scrub land be worth then?


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Transport costs and accessibilty would come into it too. Getting the stuff to some of the more remote places would be difficult. Then there is the issue of security, having radioactive waste left wth minimal supervision invites the threat of terrorists using it for whatever is possible. It's a difficult issue.