Newnes or Lake Lyell


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Looking at doing a trip up into the mountains over easter with a few cars and not sure where to go. I am thinking of either going to Newnes or lake Lyell. I have been told both are good but as I haver been to either I am not sure where to go. I have a GU 4.5 auto with locker up front and 2 inch lift running 32 AT's. most of the cars coming are similar set up and we are looking for a few good hill climbs, water crossing and mud etc.
Any advice would be great along with trip notes.
We are looking at bush camping a night so we will be there over 2 days.


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hi mate lake lyell is ok if you like camping on mud with lots of peaple around but there is good trails behind there.(think it is 10 bucks a head for camping)
newnes is better camping but allso will be crowded over a long weekend we stayed there for the last meet up and had a ball. there is also good trails around that area if you got some maps (newnes is free camping):D
have fun up there!