Howdy All.

I’m a newbie to this site.
Sadly it was through the funeral of MrRum that I heard about this group.
I first met Mr & Mrs Rum many years ago before they were the Rum’s.

I’m located up on the Central Coast of NSW.

My days of crazy 4 wheeling are long gone.
I now prefer to explore the bush for scenery and family adventures.
Camping, fishing etc.

I have a GU Patrol set up with creature comforts of after market seats, fridge, uhf’s on the inside and the must haves on the outside, the bullbar, brush bars, twin rear bar, roof racks n lights.

Looking forward to getting out and about with like minded people.


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welcome to earth Kev, check out the trips section we have a trip coming up in a few weeks on the mid north coast, ( spring run ) your welcome to join in

I’m unable to make that meet sadly.
If only I had more time to plan the time and money needed to enjoy this outing.

I hope to be catch up on another trip.
I will work my way around this site slowly.

Cheers Kev.