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G'day from sunny Scotland - and it is for once!

Found the site by searching for 4dw tracks in Aus, me and the wife are planning on a 4wd holiday in Aus next year (travelling around a bit checking supplies of wee cold beers from town to town) so will be lurking around here and asking all sorts of stupid questions, please bear with us!
Looks like lots of good info here so will start trawling



Welcome aboard NJ enjoy your stay and ask as many stupid questions as u like, throw in the odd sensible one too just to keep us Aussies on our toes.


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Hi N.J. and welcome to the site plenty to read up on about aus and plenty to do and see you will get all the good gos and where to go and what to see etc readon enjoy and have fun any questions and we will try to answer them as members here from all over australia


Welcome aboard. Don't forget to post your trip up on the site. I'm sure there will be plenty of members who will be glad to show you around their local areas.


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Hi Northern jock and welcome. You should enjoy Oz, where are you planning to go and how much time do you have? It took my brother a year to get around Oz and saw some of spectacular site this country has to offer.

Northern jock

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Cheers lads

Planning to come late April but will only have 3, maybe 4 weeks. I've posted a few questions in the Trip section about where and what might be good. Also about who hires vehicles - bit expensive to ship our own Landcruiser I'm afraid!