Newbie from Adelaide


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Gday all. Just signed up and looking around. Seems like a great site and will be good to meet a few memebers and get to a few outings. Hope to talk to you all soon


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Hi Lindsay and welcome to the site.

Wanting to meet a lot of members and so on, check out the O'Tooles thread in the trips and gatherings section.



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Welcome Lindsay. Some great people out there. Some very entertaining threads going around when there's nothin on the tele!

And of course plenty of help from people with lots of good experience in our hobby!

Have fun!

Chhers, Millsy.

P.S. There might be another end of month meeting happening next Sunday arvo, somewhere not far from Adelaide, if not in the suburbs somewhere. Its a not a driving thing, but a 'meet and greet' idea that started up recently. If you are free it would be good to say hello over a coffee, or maybe a BBQ if they pick a spot near an electric BBQ and the weather is OK for it. Keep an eye on the new postings in the South Australia section of the Trips and Gatherings.
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C'mon Mate, a little bit more on the post eh?;)
I have got to know Lindsay through LCOOL, top bloke and down to earth. His tourer is a well equiped machine and will tackle anything in its way. Got heaps of quality aftermarket goodies and is pretty handy around cars and campsites.
Are you blushing Cougs????:D


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LCOOL is a good site, helped in some of my early Prado troubleshooting. So welcome you ex-LCOOL member to 4x4 Earth :p


G'day and welcome. I'm likin the fact there are so many Sth Aussies comming aboard. As mentioned earlier, check out the O'tooles thread and also the Trips and Gatherings for Sth Aust re: monthly meet and greet thread. I'm yet to go on one of them but will eventually have the timing right.