New VKS-737 website is live


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Hi Everyone

I received a note to say their new website is up, visit it at lots of new content outside the login page on the new site, I still like the HF radio, there is a better sense of community than simply carrying a sat phone and the volunteers are worth their weight in gold in a bind.


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Big step up from the old site!

Would be interested to play with HF radio one day but seems a bit of a mine field to get into with either buying unknown second hand equipment or $$$$$ new gear.

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Yeh when I bought my satphone 15 years ago a friend who is still a 737 volunteer gave me a demo of his HF.....too many buttons for me.
No doubt about it though he loves his HF and helping travellers, good people those volunteers.


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I was Queensland,s 2nd VKS737 member back in 1995 ,Quebec 960 and maintained my membership until resent years. Vks only had 5 frequencies back then and no telephone interchange .Set were also programmed with RFDS frequencies to call for help. In the 80' and 90 we could connect to the Telstra HF Telephone radio network, now closed with very strong reception Aust wide to make phone calls. I Still operate the same set, a Codan 8525b that I purchased in the mid 80's.The head and eprom was upgrade to a 8528 later including autotune antenna. Back in 2000 I purchased my first satphone and now have two . I very rarely use the HF now, find the Satphone more convenient but the HF is a good back up for my remote trips


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Got a mate with a HF. Very dedicated club member. I think all HF members are a dedicted lot and do a great community service. But HF is not for me. Mate showed me his setup a couple of times but I think it is a bit too complicated for me in an emergency with the adrenaline pumping. A sat phone is easy compared to a HF. My wife is also comfortable with the sat phone and was not interested in the HF. I can take the sat phone away from the vehicle plus anybody coming to our aid can also use a sat phone. Also a HF is not much good after a rollover, which I hope to never have.