New Tyres or Raise and New Tyres


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Have a bit of a delemer at the moment i am looking and getting rid of the Standard tyres off my 08 Navara but not sure if i should just get some good A/T tyres weather it be BFG or Cooper at the same size as the standards or should i spend the bit extra and get a slight lift and put bigger tyres on it whats everyones thoughts on that one?? Have already got Bull Bar, UHF, GPS, Snorkel getting put on on Friday. Or should i just leave the tyres as they have only done 5000km and get a good Tow bar then the tyres later on??

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Get rid of the standard tyres, I've just got 100,000 km out of a set of BFG AT's vs only 50,000 from the standard bridgestones it came with.And see if you can fit 31's or bigger without a lift to start with.


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Two of the best mods are tyres and decent suspension. What sort of 4bying are you planning on
doing will help decide the mod types. BFG A/T's are a pretty good tyre as mentioned above, I run them
too.There is also Coopers ATR's and ST's, Dick Cepec FC11's, Mickey Thompson ATZ's to name just a few.
Are you planning on one set does all, or run at's and muddies-where do you do most of your driving.
In regards to tyre size, what are you wanting to gain by going larger? How much will increasing
diameter effect the gearing, brakes and speedo - (I don't know what size you have or what your
looking at).
Once you have a rough idea of tyres, then look at what suspension now suits your needs. Will it be
towing, touring, weekend jaunts or playing on day trips in some rough stuff. I'd suggest a basic 2" lift
would be a good all-round height increase as there are far less hassles to worry about. Everything
should be legal too, piece of mind if the shit goes down.
Now put the two wish lists together and see what you can afford, and good luck!

tyres-$350 a pop(for mine anyway-265/75R16)
suspension-$700-$how much do you want to spend
towbar-$250 up maybe


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Hi kiwijaz

Agree with Traveller and Grey Ghost. I have the BFG 31" on the Prado and they work well. 31" should fit without guard or other modification to your Navara, have seen a few around and they look good. You can sell you tyres to the company fitting the new ones, this save you some dollars on the purchase price. A mild 50mm lift will help your clearance. Would recommend some good bash plates under the vehicle will save damage to your engine.

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Mate shop for the tyres if that's the level you intend on buying at. I compared BFG, Cooper & Mickey Thompson went for the Mickey Thompsons ATZ they were $60 a corner cheaper than BFG for my size. I am not a fan of coopers. Keep in mind Tyres is your choice and yours alone and also a big can or worms.

Mate if you can fit them on without any mods go for bigger - cost is the same if not very minimal.



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What if you kept the set you have for when you're not going off road and buy a dedicated off road set?? A 2" lift wouldn't hurt especially if you will be doing those hard Tassie tracks.


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I have a standard Navara same as yours and I have just bought a spare set of tyres and rims. I got Mickey Thompson MTZ's 265/75/16, they fit OK and before I bought them I had spoken to plenty of tyre places and 4WD places and they all said 265/75/16 with standard suspension D40 Navara are OK. I only got them last week and haven't tested them off road yet but I am heading to Wonnangatta over Queens Birthday. Hopefully will get some rain before then!