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New to SE QLD need remote camps...suggestions please

Discussion in 'Camping Areas' started by Dave515, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. Dave515

    Dave515 New Member

    Hi all my name is Dave. My partner and I have just relocated from NQ to the Ipswich area and are looking for semi-remote/completely self-sufficient camping areas in the South East region.

    My apoogies if this has been covered already but my searching has come up with more questions than answers.

    A little background: my partner and I (and our Dane X lab) enjoy getting out to the sticks with nothing much but a nice creek/river to swim in and our own company to enjoy (as well as some cold beer). Living up North the possibilitis were endless and we had some really special spots.

    Now we are in the big smoke, I'm grasping at straws trying to find similar places.

    I'm calling on the knowledge here to guide and direct me to some places that would tick the boxes. My 4wd is more than capable and we are both comfortable with remote, if you don't mind parting with some secret spots, I promise to keep them secret.

    Please feel free to PM.

    Thanks in advance and happy trails.
    Dave :)
  2. Traveller

    Traveller 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Cullendore High Country is one I've been to- nothing challenging whatsoever about getting there or the tracks on the property though. Called through 1st week of January and 2 others campers in the area, but that much space we couldn't see each other.It is a farm stay, loos and showers available, no power, and a couple of dams I think for swimming. Very peaceful place, and lovely owners.
    About 2 hours away;
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  3. Dave515

    Dave515 New Member

    Thanks for the tip
  4. Tink

    Tink Well-Known Member

  5. Dave515

    Dave515 New Member

  6. TonyF8

    TonyF8 Active Member

    Try Paddy's Flat out past Woodenbong, its bush camping on the head waters of the Clarence River, about 2.5hrs from where you are
  7. Traveller

    Traveller 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Sorry mate, didn't read about 'no dogs'.
  8. hiluxdriver

    hiluxdriver Well-Known Member

    Border Ranges NP has some beautiful spots but being NP means no dogs. I would think remote camping in SEQ will be a bit of a struggle without getting behind the wheel for 5 or more hours.

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