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Hey guys,
i have just moved to rocky from brissy and have been looking for new tracks up here. I found this site on the net a couple of days back. There is alot of useful info here :D anyway ive been through the track list, went for a drive up the scented gum road track this evening, it was pretty smooth as it looked as if the fireies had ran the bulldozer through there recently, understandably. Also went for a drive down the quay st track last weekend. mmm very rutted and dry. Could only imagine how much fun it would be after decent rain :) i was thinking of heading up the mt morgan track this weekend. If anyone could offer some advice it would be greatly appreciated. cheers

Pray for rain up here its so dry


Welcome to the site and welcome to Rocky. I moved up here from Brisbane just over 12 months ago. Drop me a PM when you feel like going out and I'll introduce you to the rest of the C.Q. Crew.




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Another Toyota for the Golden one to get more recovery pactice on someone different than Cruiser aye Cliff


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Welcome to the forum – look forward to seeing what you contribute .
Like all things in life – what you sow is what you reap, what you get from it is exactly what you put into it !