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Brandon Williams

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Hey everyone, my names Brandon. My girlfriend and I are from the states and we just arrived in Australia about a week ago to start our year long work/holiday visa. We are super excited to spend the next year traveling around your beautiful country, meeting new people, and gaining some bush experience. I'm currently looking for a used vehicle to buy and stumbled across the 4x4 earth forum. There seems to be a really big knowledge base and I'm hoping to learn as much as I can. Anyway, glad to be here and look forward to talking with you all. Cheers!
Welcome to the Team Brandon and Girfriend.
You’ll find this site a wealth of information, any questions feel free to post them up
I’m sure you will get some help or advice.
Where’s home while your in Oz?


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G'day mate and welcome to both of you. What sort of vehicle and price range? What work are you both looking for?

Brandon Williams

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Thanks guys! We are currently staying in Melbourne at the moment trying to find a vehicle. As soon as we get one, and get it outfitted, we'll be heading to Adelaide to see one of my buddies I played baseball with back in college. We're planning on staying there for maybe a month or two and then working our way east all the way up to the NT. We don't have a firm plan as to where we're going to stay but we aren't big city people and want to see as much of the country as possible.

Here's our requirements:
1. Automatic, under 17k total, including basic accessories for extended touring.
2. Vehicle will be our daily driver and needs to be capable off road. We don't plan on doing any extreme off-roading but want to be able to get into some remote places. I plan on doing some bowhunting while I'm here and want to get up into the mountains of VIC for deer and the NT for buffalo.
3. Vehicle has to support a roof top tent as we plan on doing a lot of camping and potentially living out of our vehicle for extended length trips.
4. I like the idea of a wagon over a ute just for the fact that it's more enclosed for storing valuables. But I am very much open to a ute. It's more important to me that the vehicle is reliable and can be services and maintained throughout the country.
5. We only plan on keeping the vehicle for a year, maybe two if we extend our visa. But we will be doing a lot of driving, mostly highway and bush.

Based on my research so far it sound like the Toyota Landcruiser and Nissan Patrol are both highly recommended vehicles for off road touring. I've also heard good things about the Hilux, Ranger, and Colorado.

I sincerely appreciate any and all advice that you guys are willing to give. I know you get these questions quite a bit and I thank you for taking the time to read my lengthy post and providing your insight, it means a lot.

Brandon Williams

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Oh, in regards to work, we honestly don't have anything specific in mind. I was an electrical engineer back in the states and my girlfriend worked in sales and also danced. We are open to a lot of different jobs. Biggest thing for us to do something that is somewhat social so that we can meet new people and hopefully make some friends. We're both sharp minded and also open to physical labor.


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G'day Brandon and welcome to Oz and the forum.

Get info re when is the best time to visit certain parts of our vast country. The summer months are not the right time to be right up north for a whole heap of reasons.
I'm sure all the info you will want can be found here or just ask and this forum will help.

Regards Col.

Brandon Williams

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Thanks for the info. We won't be up in the NT until the middle half of next year.
The Delica doesn't seem to have a lot of ground clearance which is my main concern for off road use.


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Welcome to the forum and the country. You probably want to stay south of about Brisbane between now and around March. Wet season up north probability of cyclons, high. Can be quite wet and stormy around the coastal areas past Brisbane up to Whitsundays. Out west or the interior, norther SA, western NSW and Qld, just bloody hot and dry. This is the time of year to see Victoria, Tasmania and coastal NSW.
Enjoy your stay. And remember most of our creatures, even small ones, can kill you. :eek::D


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Welcome to Australia guys, I hope you enjoy your stay. I hope you didn’t one over here to avoid Trump because he seems to attract quite a lot of our media coverage here also :)

Vehicle wise in your price bracket it will really come down to whatever you find that is value for money. Fuel economy might be another consideration in your choices as that will get expensive for you too.
As Col said do your research to ensure you travel with the tourist seasons to get work , a lot of the northern part of Australia is going into shutdown mode at the moment for the wet season and most people living on the road are heading south
I am sure you will soon work it all out


Brandon Williams

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Thanks everyone! I appreciate the advice. We are certainly planning on staying in the southern half of the country and coastal NSW for the next 6 months. I'm sure as hell not interested in dealing with the bloody heat up north. Coming from the Pacific Northwest I'm used to colder temperatures and needs some time to adapt!

Fuel economy is definitely a consideration and I understand that a truly off road capable rig isn't going to get great mileage. I just haven't heard many good things about the mid size SUV category so far in my research. Is something like a RAV4, one of the mid size Jeeps, or even an upgraded Subaru Forester going to be somewhat capable in the bush? Trust me, I am seriously itching to buy a Landcruiser and get started tricking it out but I know that's not very practical. The girl will be driving this car also and she isn't used to big 4x4's like I am. I'm trying to be sensible...but I don't want to be!


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You will have plenty of 4WD options to look at within your budget (let's say $13-14 K for the vehicle, allowing you $3-4 K to fit it out).
Don't discount something like a lower mileage Holden Rodeo or Mitsubishi Triton 4X4 dual cab ute and fitting a rooftop tent to it (?)
Maybe stick with something that is Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Holden (or similar well recognised popular Australian vehicles), in case anything does wrong 'out bush' and you are relying on a local mechanic and easy access to spare parts to get it back on the road.


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Thanks for the info. We won't be up in the NT until the middle half of next year.
The Delica doesn't seem to have a lot of ground clearance which is my main concern for off road use.
A stock delica will get you down 90% of the tracks in Australia if you know what you are doing. And I don't think you really want to go down the other 10% with your main form of transport/home. And quite often there is not a lot at the end of those tracks but expensive repairs :(

Aaron Schubert

Welcome to the forum mate!

I'd look at an old shape 3L hilux, or a Pajero/Pathfinder.

Do lots of research, be patient in finding the right car and you'll get a great one.



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Just buy a Landcruiser and be done with it. Reliable, parts everywhere and you should be able to get one pretty well decked out. Prado or full sized one are both great.

Also - roof top tents are great to get away from snapping handbags but mean you need to break camp every time you want to go anywhere whereas a camper trailer means you can set up at a spot for a few days and explore without having to break camp. Just something to consider.