New to 4x4 Earth and to Adelaide

Hi All,
New to this forum and new to Adelaide and am looking for like minded outdoor and 4x4 enthusiasts to make friends with and explore some more of our back yard. I have 2 little girls (aged 1 and 3) and need to get them exposed to the great outdoors early in life :)
If anyone can point me in the right direction of a meet and greet or a planned day trip or something I would be most grateful!
Looks like there is heaps of great info and experience on this forum, glad I stumbled across it!

Welcome aboard Chris.

There might be a crew from SA heading over the the VIC annual meet nxt month that would be a great way to meet fellow members, check out the link here

Our SA meet is planned for next march if your also interested, you'll find the post in the SA trips section.

As for local day trips there's not much on the books at this stage, with the silly season coming up most people are likely planning their chrissy get aways id say.

Do keep your eye out for the SA chrissy party, likely late nov.
Hi All,
Thanks so much for all the welcomes and information, really appreciate it. Won't be able to make the Vic annual meet unfortunately but will keep an eye out for any local meets/trips and the xmas party!