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Hey everyone, I'm about as new as can be to the world of 4x4. I'm currently looking into selling my current car to get rid of the loan and replace with something I'm not so worried about scratching up. I'm partial to land cruisers and patrols but I thought this would be a good place to get some advice for what to keep a look out for when I'm checking these cars out. Thanks


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Hey welcome to Earth
this place would be great to get some advice
just needa post what you planning to do with your 4WD, what tracks you mostly doing...touring or rock crawling or beach work..?


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Welcome to Earth
As Airstrike said decide what you want to do with a vehicle before you decide what vehicle. Some do beach well others don't, some rock crawl well other don't, some make comfortable tourers others don't.
This is the place to find the information though.
Have fun.

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Wlecome as peeps are saying above depends what type of 4wding you want to do.
Ive had everything from a Mitsubishi triton to a nissan patrol. Ones ifs ones solid axle...
They both did everything i needed them to do... but the triton requires more dollars thrown at it to do the track's i did.

Also if its a daily thats another thing to concider.
Keep the below points in mind.

Have a family?
Touring? Scenic driving with the odd type track or hard core 4wding?
To be sat aside for when you want to wheel or vehicle driven as a daily? (Fuel consumption diesel or petrol)