New to 4wd

Hi everyone I live in salisbury south australia. Just bought my first Awd a 2004 Mazda tribute ( no low range )
modifying it for camping/light offroading looking for a good all terrain tyre
has standard suspension/wheels tyre size of 235 70 r/16
would tyre size of 235 75 r/16 fit or would I have clearance problems ?
have had a look at some BF Goodrich A/T tyres in this size but do not want to lift car at this stage of build


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You'd be unlucky if the 75's didn't fit, you canormally go up one size wothout a problem. Not guaranteed though. I wouldn't bother lifting it, odds are there isn't one available anyway. The bigger tyres will lift you around 10mm, but I haven't checked that.


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I wouldn't go to aggressive with your choice of tread, have heard stories of underbody damage caused by tryes throwing up large stones and damaging diff and trailing arm mounts. Possibly only a problem on high speed gravel roads, but something to keep in mind.
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Thankyou everyone for your replies and advice will probaly stick with same size tyre
all terrain not to agressive but something with a bit more grip than on road tyres
I am planning a trip to Kangaroo island soon so want a tyre that is more suited to some light off road trails