New Stickers "Take it in Take it Out"


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hi Grumpy do you still have stickers available ? one of each if so will get mail out this week to you thanks
Hi Gumpy posted today Thursday 10/08 hoping stickers are still around thanks
thankyou Grumpy arrived today I did ask the post office for a 250mm envelope sorry about that mate
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Mr Rum

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I got some off Geumpy in person at the SA annual meet, and he still seemed to have a few left.
Almost need to restock actually. I’ve placed quite a few around the outback since March.:)

Big Rig

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I had a lot of people ask me at the NSW meet about stickers. I gave out the last ones that I had but the main question was why don't we do more with the original slogan.? I get a lot of people comment on the Looking For A Good Route stickers... very catchy. Think we could get new ones of these maybe?
I have a pile of the old ones in a cupboard somewhere.