New Stickers "Take it in Take it Out"


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Hey grumpy, whens the best time to pick them up in person i'm local so pointless using mail.
Cheers warren


Go to the inbox at the top and down the bottom you will see "Start Conversation" hit this and then follow.


New Stickers Dont rubbish our Bush "Take it in Take it Out"

New stickers are now available



To get your stickers send a stamped self addressed 250 mm long envelope with money enclosed to Ian Smith, 6-8 Winifred St, Morwell, Vic, 3840. and I'll send them straight back as I receive the orders.

Stickers are 2 Stickers for $5 or 6 Stickers for $10 include your choice of stickers.

Starting from 1st June all stickers will be $1 each so get in quick if you want them at the old price.
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they look good better than the tv stickers on the side windows they getting a bit weathered and second hand looking


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envelope money and note for what I would like on the way.
Couldn't find any 25cm envelopes, I hope that simple business size envelopes were not what was required :( so had to get a HUGE one LOL.