New snorkel.... CEL


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Just fitted a snorkel and got a P0133 error code straight away... Is this something l can ignore (does it need a maf re-learn)?


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This error could be MAF or O2 sensor. Did you remove the plug to the MAF? Try making sure it is correctly installed and that no pins have been bent, wires are not damaged etc.
Can you clear the code?
Engine may run rough and use more fuel and some smoke may be visible from exhaust from over fueling. It will run but may not be nice. Best if you cannot clear the code and be sure all is OK then have it looked at by someone.


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Yeah removed the maf, will check the pins... hopefully just needs a re-learn
edit - couldn't clear the code


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Wouldn’t think there is much relearning adding a snorkel

Check cable run and pin
Clean MAF with CRS maf cleaner


How did you try to clear the code?
Did you start the engine or turn the key while the MAF was disconnected?


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Did you seal it with polyurethane sealant or silicone?
By all accounts some silicones don't play well with sensors.

is it plugged in properly?


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l'll unplug/plug it in again (and check the pins) didnt start the engine until all was connected.....was a bit suss about the silicone fumes, let it sit for 2-3 hrs to hopefully skin, maybe should have waited longer.......will clean the sensor and possibly do a re-learn if it hasn't cleared