"New posts" link - can it exclude the off topic section


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My browser bookmark is to the new posts link of the forum. As a newb I'm learning a lot from the general discussion.

However I don't think the regular off topic discussion adds anything to the forum (albeit interesting at times). Excluding off topic from the new posts search would IMHO make the site better.

If someone wants to carry on about vaccines or whatever they can deliberately go to the off topic forum. I know I can just not click on those threads, which I generally don't, but I think this change would keep this excellent forum more focused on 4x4, as it should be.

muffin man

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Possibly a good idea but I wouldn't be too concerned about the nonsense that happens over on off topic. Mostly a bunch of grumpy old men who have debated each other for years. Nothing more than campfire banter. Prior to covid it was tyres, satphone plans, why bullbars are pointless for only animal strikes, etc. and so the list goes.
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