New Migrant from HK with a Pajero and a family


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Hi Guys,

I am new to the country and new to 4 wheel drive. I have got a 2004 Pajero and are exploring opportunity to follow some experienced guys so that I can have a fun and yet safe adventure. I have no experience in 4 wheel trail and a true newbie. (I am also humble and willing to learn and help.)

My kids are 6 yrs old Lois and 3 years old Boaz. My wife is a Chinese woman as well.

Just to say hello and learn from you all.

Last but not least, if I cannot find some interest other than rearing the kids, I guess I might go crazy very soon. So it is time for you to save me to become a killer! :D (Just kidding!)

Looking forward to learn more from browsing the site as well as you.

gday mate
welcome to the forum & Oz!
4x4ing is a great past time and an awesome way to see the countryside

be sure to make use of the tracks on here and choose some easy ones near you to learn the ropes & keep an eye out for when the forum in vic has a get to together


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Tks Angryassdrummer and dochol!

It is great that someone do say hello to me. It makes me love this country more!

I also browsed at the 4 wheel clubs and find one nearby. I wonder if joining the club is a better way to start my 4 wheel experience.

Hope to share with you more!



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Just check out a 4 wheel club and tried to fill in the application form. On the form states that in order to join the club, I need to have 2 members to sign before I can apply. I think it is because they want only members that are serious. I agree to that but just a little bit impatient as the closest meeting is in Feb 20. That means I have two months to browse on web before anything real happen.


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Hi rebound, welcome to the forums. I am sure you will like them, there is a lot of good information here. Get to know a few ppl and do a few trips, I'm sure you will love it and learn a lot too.
Happy New Year, Rick.


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Hey Barney, what does it matter what his username means ? We are all here because we like the same things and have a common interest.
What's the point in asking new members why they chose their username, unless it's offensive it's none of our business.
Have a GREAT New Year,
Cheers, Rick.


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Well it is good to explain if anyone want to know why I have such a name.

I am a Christian and actually I am also a basketball coach in HK.

I coach kids and try to preach Christianity to them.

Rebound is a basketball term which also means going up after you falls down. When I set up the company to coach basketball my wish is also to help people that have become unemployed or meet some downturn in life. Hence, rebound in their life.

However, as I am now moved to Australia and have my own kids I have given up the company and now mainly work on my own kids. (With my wife working and earn the living.)

If you are interested you can go to my website (of the same name) but it is all chinese and not updated for quite a few years which you may know some of my history.

Anyway, I am now just a house husband and taking care of kids. And I am looking for four wheel trips for my kids and know some of nice buddies like you all.

Tks and it will be good to know more about any one of you as well.



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Wow great to know and also thanks for sharing. I did think a name like that had to be something to do with your kind of work.

I'm also a Christian and been teaching high school kids in Christian schools for 15-20 years.

All the best being a house husband, I couldn't do it so you've got my respect:) I hope you enjoy it an find some good tracks and friends to go 4wdriving with!

Paul Patrol

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Hi Henry & welcome to the forum. Keep an eye out in the Victorian section of the forum as PK is soon to organise another trip for "Newbies". We had a newbies trip a few months ago now. The feedback from the newbies was all positive.

You can send a PM to PK or myself to find out more if you like?

You are a short distance to some really good 4wd tracks. Again, enjoy the forum.


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As the others have said, keep an eye out in the trip section, particularly Victoria or Gippsland for trips that are happening. Some time frames may not suit, but I am sure that many will. Get out on a trip or two with some fellow members, and you will learn what four wheel driving is all about. Most people on this forum will offer constructive advice and will help as much as possible. I might suggest doing this before joining a 4WD club. Please feel free to ask any questions. Welcome.


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G'day rebound and welcome to the site.

There's a good bunch of people on here and going on trips you'll learn plenty. A club is another good way to go, especially if you want to do some recognized courses. Nothing stopping you from doing both.

Les PK Ranger

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G'day Henry, welcome to Earth.

I think you can get a lot out of this forum with both info from reading past and present threads, and joining in on trips that come up . . . if you see a trip in the Vic Trips section, and can make it, just ask if it's the kind of trip you can tag along on.

Myself, was never inclined to go for a club, but I reckon you would also get a lot out of that too.
Most would certainly let you go to a meeting to get a feel for the group, and even on a day outing to test the waters too.
Many have accredited training courses on the basics of 4wdn.

4x4 Earth is certainly like a club, but without any issues of internal politics.


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Dear friends!

It is really overwhelming for me to receive so much threads to me.

I would certainly go take a look at the trip section. Tks a lot!

A house husband is really a challenge for me. I am still learning how to schedule everything and try to meet the kids' need. However, guess sooner or later I will be good at it.

Moreover, I have to say really tks for all of you.

Hope we can get in touch more in future.

Today is really hot 41 degree and you guys also take care.

Thanks for reminding me about the issues of a club but your responses do saved a lot of fear of "discrimination" issues that lies deep in the heart of a new migrant.

Yesterday, my friend told me about the price of a mud tyre and etc. I guess I also need to save some money before I can really go into a trip with you all! As I still have no winch, racks, suitable types and other modifications.

Best wishes to you all,



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Want to thank you Paul Patrol, Davidman, deepop, Les PK Ranger and Barney2803.

Sometimes these names looks weird but I see all of them means a kind of friendship and care.

Just write the feel of my heart.



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heh rebound,

Welcome from me as well, sounds like your really keen to get into it and get the kids into it as well. As everyone has said there are alot of good people and even better information on here for you to read up about. Alot of the trip threads and such have info for newbies on it. Welcome to the site and if i am down that way some time in the future you will be able to show me about..

Paul Patrol

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Hi Rebound. Might do a day trip within the next week or so. I'll post when I'm going in Up Coming Vic Trips Section & you're invited. Will be in Toolangi or Larbatouche (both less than an hour away). You wont need mud tires mate as everything is bone dry now.

I'll have a ring around & I'm sure a small crew will come along. Bring your kids & wife if you like. My two boys usually come along. We'll have a look at how well you're 4bie is set up & your driving experience & tackle the tracks that are suitable. Just bring along some lunch, snacks & drinks.


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Hi Paul Patrol,

Sure feel like to join. When will it be? Sat or Sun or weekday? I hv no winch or any special tools yet. Please let me know if I need to gear up some hardware for safety sake. Hope I can make it. My car is a 04 pajero exceed.

I am a true newbie as I never even tried anything. My kids are 3 n 6 yrs old. Would it be safe to bring them as well?

Really tks for accommodating. If my wife hv no other schedule, will sure hope to join u guys.