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My name is Mark and I have just signed up after finding this site on google as it looks interesting.
I started off with a Toyota 4 runner, then switched to a 2004 Prado 3L and now have 2009 Prado 3L.
I haven't been on many trips with the Prado's but hope to soon.
With the 4 runner I did the Kimberleys, Talawanna track, Gary Highway and the Gunbarrel.



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Welcome Mark, Great to see you have a Prado, one of the most under rated 4wd on the market, and it will kick many Patrol buts!

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Howdy Markus
There's a meet up this afternoon although I'm not sure of the exact location at this time but if you keep your eye on the post - see under SA section of Trips & Gatherings Millsy might still be online. If not keep an eye on this thread as we try and arrange the last Sunday Afternoon of each month and pick a different location around the centre of Adelaideish as we are spread from North to South.
But welcome and hope to meet you at the some stage.