New member - Jason Lock


Hi just introducing myself.

Jason Lock, I have been involved with 4wds for the last 20 years.

Owned, Cruisers Patrols Rovers and now even Hummers.

Member of Cross Country Jeep Club.

Was involved in competition but more now Touring and Pajero Challenge type events.

Currently sit on the board of Four Wheel Drive Victoria.


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Welcome Lockee, welcome to Earth, long time no see, about time you got on here


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Welcome aboard Jason. Sounds like you might have a bit of experience to contribute here :)


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Welcome aboard Jason. I heard my Mrs checked out your Hummer at GOR the other day.


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hope to see some good info coming from you there , did vic parks all go free entry lately and can you tell us about the vic fire bans that a 365 days a year with regards to fires other than cooking .