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Hey ladies and gents

In most forums it is customary to introduce yourself so people know who they are talking too, I assume it is the same here.

My mates all call me Finezy and I have been in a Nissan Patrol for the past almost 4 years. I have done several Vic high country trips with some very experienced mates, but always looking to broaden my opportunities to get away. I’m not a bloke who goes wild off road, as the rig is also my everyday vehicle, if I break it, it makes life a little harder for me till I fix it.

The rig is a 2001 zd30ddti Nissan Patrol which has given me its fair share of greif but I keep fixing it and loving it. It has a 2” lift and sitting on 35” trepps atm, I have done all the Dawes and needle valve mods, catch can etc etc has a piggie back fuel chip which seems to make a big difference in mine contrary to what most say.

Look forward to interacting with you guys.

Attached is a pic of the Patrol hanging off of the winch rope on a tough section of Middle Ridge Track (Mt Sunday rd) In the Vic high country.


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Cheers @billolga id love a 4.2 but unfortunately my financial position does not allow. Good to hear your not a crazy bunch lol. I’m always keen for a challenge but if it needs “full send” and involves risk I’ll usually sit it out.

I’ll be sure to have a flick through trip reports (already looked at a few that got my interest).

Cheers @lizard_truck, how are you floating like that in you DP?