New Isuzu Concept Vehicles


Check out these new concept vehicles from Team Isuzu D Max.

These are the guys that do the precision driving shows around the country.
The project started with the Toyo 38 inch Muddies.
The cool thing about this project is that it is it was custom designed from the get go without adding any bolt on accessories. Custom guards, bull bars, bonnet, brakes, suspension and chassis work were all done in house.
It has the unmodified Isuzu 4JJ1-TC 3-litre engine and 6 speed transmission.
Check them out at the Melbourne 4x4 show!


That is weird. Works on Bruce's iPhone, my desktop but not my Android. What are you watching on.

Mr Rum

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Being linked from Facebook, you probably need to be logged in on the device you’re trying to view it on.
Not 100% sure, but seems to be the case.

Same issue came up yesterday in a different thread.


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Based on those 38" tyres, I am guessing that this vehicle will be hard pressed to fit into any underground car park :)

red hilux

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I’d have one, but I would also tune the motor up to help turn those wheels

Second low range box won’t go astray either


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sat one thing they look the goods and going by the add they been rebuilt to suit could be a real fun thing would be nice to drive down the road with 38s and not get picked on by the the boys in blue one of these would be real good fun ;)


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You are all dreaming lol.
They can't even do a 2" lift without snapping a CV easily , let alone 7".
It would snap one doing the swerve test :p