New guy from SA


How are you all?

I'm new to this forum, signed up to find some local tracks near home, northern suburbs of Adelaide. I drive a Ford Maverick, mildy modified, and most weekends I'm out looking for tracks and general good fun.

See ya round,



G'day Shannon. More and more Sth Aussies are joining this site and I'm sure there'll be some trips organised in the not so distant future. Enjoy the site. Have a look at the O'Tooles gethering in Nov in the "Trips and Gathering" thread, there's a few of us going to that.


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Hi Limited and welcome to the 'club'.

I'm from Elizabeth also, so might see you around the place sometime. Must put that sticker on the back window. I've got an old silver MQ Patrol SWB with a white fibreglass 'hard-top'. I'll watch out for your Maverick.

Cheers, Millsy.


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G'day mate another local here! Probably see me round that way play footy for Elizabeth! Missus at Blakeview! As Ekki said earlier in thread check out my post in 'trips and gatherings' the more that come the better!
If you want a quick trip take some back roads around Lewiston and Two Wells, usually marked dry weather road, at least you will spray some mud on the Mav!:)