new grand cherokee any problems

Had mine for 6 months and 12000km now without incident. Does everything I need it for - nice to drive to work, tows a 2500kg van, fits all the kids in, and is far greater off road than what I expected!


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had mine 13 months - put a bullbar - Uneek and roofrack gobi on it - the crd is excellent
waiting on a decent snorkel - airflow ones a bit ugly

offroad is excellent with air suspension - did mt skene in a mt of snow fitted chains and did it easy

only issue ive heard is rear suspension can come loose and a couple of reprogramming recalls


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Hi, I am a jeep mechanic and have been servicing the new grands had a couple of issues with series one leaking rear shocks & vibration from front cv shafts, but the 2014 has had none of these problems yet that I have seen.


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Got a Jeep Grand Cherokee just over 2 years ago. Automatic, diesel, hydraulic height adjustable- useful when walking the vehicle over rocky terrain or lowering down so an elderly person can get in or out. Apart from a few minor issues, no problems of concern. Travelled just over 30k, half city, half outback and offroad. I had assumed that it would be delivered with front recovery hooks, but it seems that I bought the first of the series that doesn't have them anymore. Dealer said they are the export models, all built in compliance with European standards. I guess they don't often need fixing a snatch strap to the front of their vehicles. Problem solved by having a bullbar fitted, but of course at some expense.
Also fitted a long range tank, a slight negative for the exit clearance, but I get a range of 1,200 kms when both tanks are full. With moderate driving I've got that up to almost 1,400 kms. Well worth the investment if you plan to go a long way outback.
My previous vehicles included a Toyota shortie, a Landcruiser, a Nissan Patrol (great offroad but a thirsty as a desert camel) The Jeep GC is the best by far, and I get the impression that just as Landrover dropped the ball, the others manufacturers are being left behind.

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HI - just come across this thread. I've got a 2015 GC Overland Eco-Diesel and been most happy so far. Great fuel economy, and very comfortable to drive. General 4WDing so far - it's come up tops. Looking forward to towing our new Jayco Silverline Outback van away on trips in the near future. My only gripe is the terrible SatNav system. Very outdated map database and current places missing. Jeep Australia have admitted many complaints about this and are apparently working on a major upgrade - ie.. new map/system provider. So I use Google Maps off my iPhone or a Sygic SatNav app on my iPhone.
On another tack - Murchisons are a provider and installer of Jeep aftermarket products and as SAFARI don't make a snorkel for Jeeps, Murchisons do have one they've sourced to fit the WC series of GC's.