New from Sydney


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hi guys/girls
I’m Obie, everyone calls me that or O.G, my initials.
I just bought an 09 Landcruiser Sahara.

New to off-roading, but have been going to/on the beach and camping for a few years.

I don’t know much about where to go around sydney, mostly day trips, as we have a 5 month old son. I want to share these experiences with him.
In the US, where I grew up, you could pretty much drive through anywhere, as long as it wasn’t native territory or farmers land, but that was sign posted.
Not sure about the rules in NSW and Aus around access and off-roading on public land.
Look forward to going off-roading.


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welcome to earth Obie, keep an eye on the trip section there are plenty of members in Sydney that would be happy for you to tag along on a trip