New from Newy


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Hi guys,
I'm Brett from Newcastle NSW.
I'm currently in the process of getting my 2010 NT pajero set up for some more serious 4wding .
It started life like this

and looks a bit like this with a few more add ons (need more pics :) )
Winch has just arrived and the bullbar should be here next week.
I'll be taking on the install myself, so wish me luck.

My previous vehicle was a delica and it wet my appetite for the places a 4wd can take you and the fun that can be had.

My mates have never had 4wd drives so its nice to be making some new buds who like getting out there.
Looking forward to a long weekend at Bylong at the end of May. Super pumped :)

Also a Ham operator with the call of VK2MRX.
I like to knock up youtube videos of my mods to the paj and will post up as I go.
If you're in my area, give me a shout and let me know when your out for a run and I'd love to come along.

cheers Brett



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yeah, members post trips to see if anyone wants to tag along with them......or you can post your own to ask others to tag along with you........also has a section for trip reports - ( where people post reports/pictures of their trips ) --also there is the NSW annual meeting coming up in MAY, at Bendethera, a weekend of 4x4 driving and catching up with many of the guys/gals from earth


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Welcome Brett,
Is thats whats left of the Sygna ???
I remember as a kid we went and had a look when it 1st ran aground in 74/75 ?
Was a whole ship back then , then it broke into 2 pieces .
I was born and bred in Newcastle :)


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sup Spoon.
No mate, she's all gone now. So I've been told.
That was probably about 4 years ago when the pic was taken.
How come you moved from god's country ?


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How come you moved from god's country ?
No work with the closing of BHP in the early 80's , I saw no future for myself here anymore.
My grandfather ran a overhead crane in the rolling mill until he retired . My uncle drove coal trains , My dad worked in Mine Machinery.
Was all set to walk into a job in either , but left as I could see the writing on the wall ;)


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No mate, she's all gone now. So I've been told.
So I see , I looked it up , This is how I remember it at the time , I was 11 or 12 years old . It was huge .

As my old man said was the biggest thing to happen in Newcastle since the Japs fired some shells from submarines one night during WW2.


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When I was the same age , we used to go with our uncle (ex army) into secret tunnels from King Edward Park across to Bar Beach where they had gun emplacements during the war , was the coolest fun :) With our Dolphin torches walking in pitch black tunnels until you popped out at a cliff face opening.


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I guess in the grand scheme of things, it hasn't taken long to disappear at all.
I guessing having the sea pounding on you constantly will do that.
Like when some bozzo goes below the tide level and gets stuck.

I can remember doing a tour thing through some of those tunnels up there many moons ago. I don't think they let you go anywhere near them anymore.
I recall seeing all the syringes and rubbish in there at the time.

Similar to 4wding, it ruins it for all the people doing the right thing.