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New exhaust for Ranger PX2

Discussion in 'General 4x4 Discussion' started by UVB76, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. UVB76

    UVB76 New Member

    Hi guys.

    I miss the sound of my Patrol and its 3" exhaust so I started looking at aftermarket exhausts for my Ranger PX2 (with DPF).

    PPD Performance have a few YouTube videos of their DPF-back exhausts and they sound alright. Can't seem to find anyone that's actually fitted one, though, and doesn't seem like Ranger owners really fiddle with their vehicles like Patrol owners.

    I'd like to get some honest opinions about changing the exhaust on a Ranger PX2 with DPF. What does it sound like, any change to responsiveness or driveability, did it affect DPF burn, any comments from the dealerships, etc?

    Cheers guys.
  2. mac_man_luke

    mac_man_luke Well-Known Member

    Generally DPF back wont make a massive difference, will be slightly louder but not heaps because of the DPF.
    Shouldnt cause you any issues and is really the only option without voiding warranties etc
  3. smitty_r51

    smitty_r51 Well-Known Member

    Mate has just fitted one to his px2. Comment was
    Good quality but no noise increase
    Seems tighter at the outlet, maybe sits 2" higher than standard.
    No complaints on the hardware itself but would have liked more noise.

    But he has come from a focus rs so he is in for a world of difference.
  4. Chatty

    Chatty Well-Known Member

    Look at your average Ranger owner compared to your average Patrol owner and you'll have the answer to your question right there.
    I am surprised at the number of Rangers I see on the roads now - the bloody things are worse than flies. But every last one I see is never dirty, is either a "boss" tradie vehicle or driven by mum with kids in the back and all of them look absolutely stock.
    Full marks to Ford - they have produced a range of vehicles which (to some, not me though) look good off the showroom floor with all sorts of factory bling bits for people who like to pretend that they are 4WDers. They are obviously selling like hot cakes.
    And there lies your problem - the majority of people who buy them are the sort who will have it dealer serviced for life, will never take any further off road than the dirt driveway to the winery and who can't possibly understand why you would want to add "bits" to it.
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  5. peterfermtech

    peterfermtech Well-Known Member

    So the "new" pajero?;)
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  6. Chatty

    Chatty Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure what you mean by "New" Pajero ?
    But I'll be the first to admit that I have always found it harder to modify Maj the Paj than (say) a Patrol or LC because, again, most Pajeros are bought by city slickers who will never take them off road. That's why I can sympathise with @UVB76 in trying to find out about mods for the Ranger.
    Not going to be a problem from now on - the new truck should be ready next week.

    Having said that, trying to get anything "off road" to suit the Sierra is a long, difficult and generally fruitless hunt. Lots of ridiculous lift kits in the US (they do like a lifted vehicle on the roads there) but things like snorkels, dual battery kits, fuel pre-filters, catch cans, etc, etc - forget it. East Coast Bullbars do do a nice looking bull bar for it, which I will buy within a few months, but after that I don't know there's much else I will be able to buy for it.
  7. peterfermtech

    peterfermtech Well-Known Member

    Pretty much what I was implying. The second hand market for a Pajero has always been a good deal because you could be pretty sure they have never done it tough which always amazed me because they really are a well set up rig. The other thing is the price always seems good because those who buy them don't seem to want to be seen in a s/hand one. The only issue I've heard of with a s/hand one was getting it into low range. It took a while for the transfer case to settle in.:)
  8. Hoyks

    Hoyks Well-Known Member

    Ask on as plenty tinker over there.

    But yes, lots of shiny Ranger mall crawlers around, because you need a 4" lift and 35's to get to the shops.
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  9. WildtrakRudy

    WildtrakRudy Active Member

    Agreed. Plenty of info over there. Personally, I've never been interested in the sound unless I'm driving a V8, so I've never thought twice about the exhaust in my Ranger.
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  10. UVB76

    UVB76 New Member

    Yeah mate, this is spot on, and it makes it harder to find some decently modified Rangers - dropping $$$ on ARB's catalogue doesn't count. There are some decent offroading Rangers getting around but they're like 5% of the population.

    I've found it to be a good source of info for Rangers but still not what I'm used to from the Patrol community. Patrol forums were a wealth of knowledge, knowing the finer details of the vehicle inside and out. Different vehicles with different types of owners, I guess.

    A 3" exhaust on a Patrol lets you hear that distinct Patrol sound and turbo whine, I reckon it sounds great. I'm looking for a similar thing with the Ranger, which may or may not be possible, just need to know from other owners because exhaust shops all the same thing - improves performance, maximum efficiency, sounds sick, blah blah...
  11. WildtrakRudy

    WildtrakRudy Active Member

  12. Chatty

    Chatty Well-Known Member

    Yeah, well having just gone through the joy of selling our Pajero, I can only back up what you are saying. Over the last 5 years I've added about $15k worth of bits and pieces to it and I had to fight to get $18k for the whole rig :(
    No problems with the transfer case in ours - it's been in low range plenty of times :D
  13. Chatty

    Chatty Well-Known Member

    Good luck with finding an owner of a Ranger with anything modified...
  14. WildtrakRudy

    WildtrakRudy Active Member

    You'd be surprised, Chatty. There are a fair few of us that have modified for off-roading. Majority are modified just for show though.
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  15. Chatty

    Chatty Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but I reckon fully 99% of the ones I see on the road are used for either ferrying the kids to school and sports or for building supervisors travelling between sites.
    My stepson insisted on getting on be as a work vehicle - it hasn't even seen a dirt driveway...
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  16. WildtrakRudy

    WildtrakRudy Active Member

    100%. They're a very luxurious 4x4. That's probably why only a max of 10% use them for what they're built for.
  17. Spooner

    Spooner Well-Known Member

    Me either in the BT50 , same thing.
    Its just a exhaust pipe , Id rather spend $1500 + on beer & other stuff :)
    Mines done nearly 240k and good as , as per last service , so until it falls apart I won't worry about replacing it.
    And then when it does I will just keep it std.
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  18. UVB76

    UVB76 New Member

    What gets me is the 4" lift, 20" wheels with aggressive ATs, (fake) bonnet scoops, and bolt on flares. In such mint condition they've clearly never seen a dirt road. I suppose people can do what they want with their cars... doesn't make a lot of sense to me though.
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  19. peterfermtech

    peterfermtech Well-Known Member

    Maybe I'm a bit unusual, but I quite like listening to music when I'm driving.
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  20. Cyberess

    Cyberess Active Member

    Personally I like a quiet vehicle, but if you want more sound, just add a decent snorkel and leave the driver side window down, as snorkel does add a fair bit of extra noise from the sweet sounding 5 cylinder engine.

    About the show pony stuff, I think someone miss out explaining that to me, and what I like about Fords and Mazdas is their wadding depths (well sealed electrics), and that a rear diff locker is included on their bottom range 4wd vehicles that have the easy to clean vinyl floors.. A lot of the other brands only start to add the diff locks on their top range models, that come out with silly carpet on the floor which mud sticks to, with all the other fancy stuff that is not necessary out in the bush.

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