New Club - Sandhurst 4WD Club - Bendigo and Greater Bendigo Region

I just wanted to let forum members know that there is a new 4wd Club based in the Bendigo region, and we are welcoming new members.

Membership is only $80 per annum, which includes membership with 4WD Victoria.

The focus of the club will be primarily on trips (we have monthly trips planned already for the majority of 2018), please post here if you have any queries, you can contact us through the website at:

Sandhurst 4WD Club Bendigo Website

We also have trip reports and photos on the website, as well as an events calendar with upcoming events. Check out some of the past events to get a feel for what the club gets up to.

Cheers, Tim



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Hi Tim,
Id be interested in joining . We moved to Maldon form Melbourne about 3 months ago .
My old backyard was the Yarra Valley , Big River & High Country :)
Very interested in exploring the new areas , done a bit already around Mt Cole , which was great , but some tracks are car smashers that I'm not really interested in wrecking my BT-50 as is my daily driver . Its very well set up with all the gear . Recovery , Lift , Winch etc etc.
PS , I made it up AOK 1st time with no damage , but tempting fate trying it again on the rocks, lol :)

We love all the old mining sites and history the area has to offer.
Cheers Rick
Hi Rick, the club just completed a trip to Pyrenees State forest and it was similar to what you describe (rock steps, steep hills, rutted and rocky, winching in places), check out the trip report It's only about 1 1/2 hr drive from Bendigo (we started in Avoca), and it was about as difficult as it gets (the club rated it as "Very Hard"), not all trips are this hard however, it was more the exception rather than the rule!! No one in the club is going out to smash up their 4wd, and the guys who run the trips are very experienced, generally recon any unknown tracks prior to the trips, and know when to turn around and not attempt a track that is going to do damage to our vehicles.

The trips range in difficulty, most tend to be Medium difficulty with the occasional hard bit (we rate them Medium - Hard), and we're very supportive of people who are new to four wheel driving to teach them and help them build experience when out on the trips. The trips are generally catered to 4wd's with low range and AT tyres (not AWD / soft roaders) and it sounds like your vehicle will fit right in. We do a lot of stuff in the high country, starting from places north/west e.g. Mansfield, Jamieson, Myrtleford, typically weekend / long weekend trips to places like buckland valley, mt stirling, butcher country, wonnangatta, and we try to get into camp at 3pm so we can enjoy a bit of time around the fire before it gets dark.

There will also be trips to Little Desert next year, and I'm sure people will be organising trips around Bendigo or longer trips out of the state if that is what interests the members. Because we're a new club, we are still getting a feel for the type of trips members want, so there's a good amount of scope to suggest ideas for trips and have a discussion with members in the club meetings.

The next club meeting won't be until Feb, but you're welcome to stick in a membership application via the form on the website, and the secretary will get in touch to have a chat about joining.