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New addition and new to 4WD

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Ryan97, May 22, 2018.

  1. Ryan97

    Ryan97 New Member

    Howdy everyone, I'm as new as they come to 4WDriving, I've been out a few times with mates and can't wait to get into it myself, looking to purchase my 4WD in the next month(hoping for a good deal from EOFY sales). The two I'm trying decide between are the Triton GLX and the navara RX D23, any help deciding would be appreciated, can't wait to be a part of the community
  2. callmejoe

    callmejoe Well-Known Member

    Welcome on in. Cannot help you in 4wd choices but others I'm sure can.
    Once the bug hits, it hard to shake if off.
  3. Spooner

    Spooner Well-Known Member

    Welcome Mate ,
    You can't go wrong with either of your choices , try both and buy the one you like the best :)
    Cheers Rick
  4. Tink

    Tink Well-Known Member

    Welcome to Earth. Good luck with your foubie decision.
  5. Airstrike

    Airstrike Active Member

    Welcome to the forum
    I believe the best thing for you to do is to test drive both vehicles. They are both capable vehicles for off road + towing.
    What is your main purpose for buying 4WD? do you need load carrying...? or wanna do some tough tracks?
  6. mikehzz

    mikehzz Well-Known Member

    Personally I would pick the Triton. I've driven both and prefer it. I thought the Nissan's engine was noisy and the ride ordinary. I had high hopes for it too with the coils in the back. Also, I wasn't comfortable with the steering wheel position which can't be moved out and back, only up and down. Another mark against it is the relatively low wading depth. There was a scathing review of the engine on youtube. Apparently it's a bored out version of the xtrail 2 litre. Everything the same except the pistons. The guy removed the motor in the video and thought it was a bad design for what its worth, very hard to remove.
    Anyway, enough Nissan bashing. I've had more Nissan 4wd's than any other brand and always preferred them in the past. I think they've really lost the plot lately. Consider what they did to the Pathfinder...fair dinkum.
  7. Ryan97

    Ryan97 New Member

    Thanks for all the replies fellas, I really didn't expect this so soon, my main interest is to be able to get started on some easier 4WD tracks hopefully before I need to put any mods into the car just so I can get a feel for it, and then the more experienced I get hopefully I can change up the tracks I'm doing as well as doing up the car(I'm leaning towards going for the Triton).
  8. Paul Jamo

    Paul Jamo New Member

    Welcome also, I’m new to the site as well and enjoying it so far. The triton is a really nice car and good value for money with lots of features that you have to pay a lot more for on other models, I think the gxl also has factory diff lock.
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  9. 2002GU3

    2002GU3 Well-Known Member

    welcome to earth mate

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