New 76 Series GXL alloys wheels. Possible swap for Factory steelies ?


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Hi All.
I'm expecting my new 76 to arrive in the next couple / few months after an unbelievably long wait.
I'm thinking of going "skinny's" on the build.
If anyone happens to have a set of new steel skinnies (from a 78 Troopy) for example, that they would be interested in swapping with my brand new GXL alloys. (I'm in Sydney) hit me up here.


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Good to hear you are getting close to getting your 76
You talking split rims or just steelies ?


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I would be keen to swap but do not know the compatibility.

LC78 is 225/95R16.
LC76 is 265/70R16.

LC76 has flares to accommodate extra width, whereas LC78 does not.

Not sure about wheel offset either.

I will need to look at the LC78 tyre placard on legality when I get it.

I will touch base after I get the vehicle.