New 4x4 Laws Coming To Victoria Now!


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Looks like its the turn for Victorians now to get shafted.......

subject line VSB14 - 4X4 Vehicle modifications

Vicroads and other Government road agencies around the country have been working to have a common set of rules for vehicle modifications. These rules in their present draft will mean that all 4WD vehicles with a greater than 2 inch lift will require a engineering certificate. Lift includes body, suspension and tyres. We do not support the present position and seek your feedback. Many of our members have vehicle mods and these changes to the rules which have no basis in fact or science will limit our members capacity to improve the ride of their vehicle without incurring considerable cost.

Your Association has met with Vicroads and we are presently preparing our submission on the issue. The NSW&ACT FWD Association have also been active after the NSW Minister for Roads said that all people who drove a modified vehicle were hoons. Fortunately there was such an outcry that he has withdrawn the comment and agreed to deal with industry.

The Australian Aftermarket Accessory Association AAAA together with VACC and our Association have a working group. Scientific tests have been carried out which have shown that correctly modified vehicles have better ride characteristics than standard vehicles. Something most of us already know,

We are doing a survey of members and we seek your support. Please distribute this email to all your clubs members and ask them to logo onto the survey site and complete the survey. You may care also to put this link onto your own web site to seek wider support.

I urge you to support us in this request for information.

The link to the survey is Modified Vehicle Survey
C'mon Lads......takes a minute to complete the survey, they want to see what mods we have on our vehicles at the moment, why we need them, where we got them done.....hopefully this ends up with some within reason.


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Done, it make sense that all 4wd clubs and accessory manufactures stop stupid people making decisions for us. The local school get more kids hit by cars than 4wd's. Should ban cars on the road as they are dangerous is it the nut behind the wheel :D:D


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Also Done, and some very interesting results so far, more than 90% of respondants vehicles would be classified unroadworthy!