Nervous about 300km trip west of brisbane (Goondiwindi)

Was planning on doing a fishing trip out towards goondGoondi. I have never driven out that far west before so I don't really know what to expect.

I have a 16 model triton but am still concerned of a breakdown as I'm not mechanically sound.
I don't have a bullbar - should I be concerned about colliding with wildlife? Would value anyone's feedback who has been out that way.


Noel Preston

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You shouldn't have any problems, it's bitumen all the way. Wildlife would only be an issue at night and with recent rain they should be clear of the highway. Surely a 2016 model shouldn't have mechanical issues on a drive like that. My 2011 BT50 does trips in excess of 2000kms return two or three times a month and I haven't hit any wildlife or had a breakdown. Probably jynxed myself now.


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If you're concerned of a breakdown get roadside assist, skippies are pretty active at dawn and dusk but will still sit in the middle of the road in the middle of the night. If there is a wedge tailed eagle feasting on the road slow down as they take a bit to get airborne and will do damage if you hit one.

Paddler Ed

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It's all relative....

I'm happier driving 200km+ away from the coast than I am driving near the coast... too many damn people there... Last time I drove in a major city (Melbourne) it wasn't too bad though - interstate plates, dirty older 4x4 and a camper trailer are quite a good combination.

Get some roadside assistance and go. However, in saying that, we did travel extensively without it for a long time...

There's been some rain I think out that way recently, so watch for roos etc at the roadsides getting a drink and a feed where the water has run off and left the grass a bit greener than it would be further away.


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Do it. You won’t have any problems. I commuted from Warwick to Brisbane for 7 years.
Depending on the day and the time, Brisbane to Warwick is between 1.5 and 2 hours and can be busy. Early morning and late afternoon/early night there are lots of trucks doing the Brissie to Sydney run. Warwick to Gundy is another 2 hours with less traffic.
Wildlife is only really an issue at dusk and dawn but west of Warwick there are a lot more skips which hang around all night.
The road is as good as a country Queensland road gets. Not narrow anywhere and all bitumen. Plenty of towns in between for fuel and food. Warwick has cheaper fuel than Brisvegas most days.
Have fun


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You will be fine just be off the road a couple of hours before dark and don’t set off to early. If it’s this week there is heaps of water around so slow down for the causeways.


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You will be fine just be off the road a couple of hours before dark and don’t set off to early. If it’s this week there is heaps of water around so slow down for the causeways.
Not that much rain up on top of the hill to be worried about causeways.


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I was just west of Dalby today just off the moonie and all had some water and one had almost 200 mm but they will drop quickly.


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Lets put this into perspective, 2 year old bitsamissing and a 300km trip, nothing really in a near new car...
I did Fraser Island twice, once in a $1500 Disco 1 with the whole family, no issues, second time in the another D1, rebuilt half the car with mods but 200000km on the clock and 15 years old no issue. Also done Ood trk, Flinders and Gammon Rangers, Mt Dare and Coober Pedy in the D1
Just did 900 km in 2 weeks on another trip, next week to SA and in May start a 2 month trip to The Kimberly and Kakadu, a total of over 20,000km in a D4.
I think you will be OK, get out and enjoy this country


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Is there any chance that this person is taking the piss?
Just saying, a lot more danger driving around the cities theses days, heavens above, how did our forebears venture away from the coast into uncharted waters. Its only 300 ks on made roads through civilised country. Where not talking bush bashing in the middle of some remote desert here.
Sorry if I'm being harsh but I just can't imagine anything safer than what is proposed.

There are roo's , wild goats , cattle & farmers stock on the roads , road trains .
Gotta keep your eye's on the road & get off for the road trains :cool:
A bull bar is real handy out there , last trip I missed a roo didn't see the one following , under the truck he when't :rolleyes:
Plenty of fuel stops , 16 model & worried about a break down :eek: strewth .


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Between Brisvegas and Gundy you do NOT need to get off the road for road trains. No idea where that idea came from. Stop trying to scare the guy.