Needing to constantly reload page to be able to get cursor activated


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Anyone else having to constantly reload this site to be able to select a thread/link??

Im running windows 10, just started recently & not sure if its just an effect of a new Edge update??

Im not having any issues with any other site, just this one.


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I have had this for about the last month.

Funnily enough it happened as I tried to load this page to comment on it :p


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Happens to me very frequently while using Chrome. Have to refresh the page to be able to click links and get the full advertising experience that this forum has become so awesome for.

Edit to add... It started for me around the same time as the increase in advertising and introduction of the "give us money" popup. I suspect there is an issue with one of these scripts.


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For me this seems to be coinciding with this 'Not Secure'

It is also only affecting the top area of threads including the page & whats new etc/tabs area above the page area.

Well it seems like I am not alone & its happening with different browsers!

Sounds like it might be something in the forums script??

image (3).png