Need some ideas


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G'day guys & girls!

Got a few weeks off at the start of feb, and what to get out and do some 4x4ing, fishing, camping that sort of thing. Was going to head up the cape but being wet season and all that's not going to happen. So want some ideas on where I should go. Starting in Brisbane, happy to do a few days driving to get where I want to go. Thxs


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Go south too hot west and too hot and wet north. :oops:
Hmmmmm, 4wdriving, fishing, camping. Sounds like you want to go trout fishing in the Snowy Mountains. :D


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NSW coast south of Foster down to Eden would be my choice. Plenty of spots to test the 4WD on eastern side of the Great Dividing Range and a heap of land based spots to fish the salt. Or plenty of rivers and dams to chase freshwater species at the top of the range.