Need help with EGR delete resistor mod???


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Hi guys, new here. I would some help with resistor mod to get rid of CE light. I put a blanking plate it and now getting fault code P0401 & P0404, i hear the resistor mod can trick Ecu and fault code can be gone. I need to know where the resistor goes and what type of resistor is required. The egr sensor cable has a plug on it with 3 wires. Vehicle is a 2008 BT50 with the 3l turbo diesel.

Les PK Ranger

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Get the Ozbush EGR mapper, turn on / off easily, best thing ever for the 3.0, it's far better than the resistor and you can tune fuel for different driving too if you like.
Had one in mine for 8 or 9 years.

I blanked off the EGR plate with 2mm stainless (no hole), and later blocked the cooler hoses internally, left in place to look normal.
Never a code or problem.
Ran like a wet dream still after 10-1/2 years before an old codger drove right out in front of me and wrote it off some months ago :(