need help planning week away


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ok was originally going to plan a trip to capeyork for 2011, but after reding up on the info around ive decided it would be better for both me and my car to head a bit more inland.


Who and What:
-me, the missus, mate and his missus.
-my car(will be more modded by the time of the trip if all goes to plan).
-poptop camper with a 2person polyboat and small 4hp outbord on top.

-somewhere in QLD away from major cities and tourists in wicked vans
-a place that has decent fishing, be it: on the river/creek shore or a calm place to take the small boat
-not hardcore 4wding to get there dont mind a little bit of rough tracks just nothing too hard
-not fraser or straddy or moreton islands must be on the mainland

-2011 pending best weather season, like not going to the top end in the wet season
-not more then a week from leaving brisbane

so what im after is some ideas of places that would be worth going away from brissy that will keep the girls amused and the boys busy with the fish and 4wding

im thinking of heading north up the coast but how far to get away a bit im not too sure sort of a north west direction, but i need someone whoes a bit more travelled then me to point me in some directions


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Hi Joek

There are many places that you could go.

Coastal area: Burrum Heads area, Bundaberg and 1770. You can fish, swim and 4x4.

Inland area: out around Emerald and there are some other big dams around there. You can do Carnarvon Gorge. If you are adventurous you can enter the gorge from the west side not the eastern like most others do.

Personally I would look at the map of Qld and google it.


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im trying to keep away from the big tourist type areas where there is likely to be a lot of other people esp if we decide to go in the holidays, thus ruling out 1770 etc

wherever we go we will need to be able to take the camper trailer without much trouble so the easier the roads the better, its a small poptop job aprox the same size as a 5x8 trailer